mercurio / apollo


We designed the product logos for two new professional telecommunication devices: Mercurio and Apollo. Both are gods in the roman/greek mythology. So we chose to recall some characteristics of the greek and roman aesthetics, along with other elements peculiar to each product. Mercury is often depicted with wings at his feet, so the symbol resemble two stylized wings, but also the wi-fi symbol and the letter “m”. For Apollo, which is related to satellite communications, we also recalled the propeller trails during a rocket launch, a general tendency to the sky, and the letter “A”. The visual language is the same for the two symbols. The colors of the company logo had to be used. We chose the orange for the Mercurio symbol, which also resembles the color of the planet, and for the Apollo symbol we chose the blue, as the color of the sky and space. The logotypes have been designed using a contemporary sans-serif typeface, which is geometrical in its shapes, but not too cold and technical. Different layout variants have been designed for the logos, to suit different positioning on the products chassis.


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